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About Justice Incorporated

Principal is a former State Police Trooper and Private Investigator with more than 40 years of public and private service. Aggressive and result oriented specializing in offering last minute, specific time, specific place and special requests in the jurisdictions we service. We pay close attention to detail and instructions and will happily document and photograph posted papers and visible property upon request

Incorporated in 1991 the company operated as a full service private security services business primarily doing private investigations and process serving.  During those years we expanded to include services like polygraph examinations, personal protection specialist, and did some collection work.  Some years ago a decision was made to eliminate everything but process serving and courier work which is our present primary service.

Since founding our company we have been proud to always avail ourselves to our clients who have those special needs in accomplishing either routine services or those complicated services that are sometimes hard to otherwise get done. 


Staying within the boundaries of our clients wishes and applicable laws governing the service of process in the areas in which we work we find ourselves having made a real difference in our clients needs and expectations from what is delivered by law enforcement agencies who execute civil process.

Advantages to using Justice Inc., is an ability to communicate directly with the process server for immediate service needs.  You have the ability of being able to remain in constant contact when you wish, and knowing the status of any given assignment.  You have the advantage of an agent contacting you when there is a problem with the service i.e.: improper, incomplete or bad address.  You have the advantage of more than one attempt made to execute service without it being returned not found.  You have the ability to request personal service and having that done when possible.  If requested we can send you a specific executed affidavit prior to seeing or being informed about it in court with how service was effected if so requested.  For those clients with multiple services each month you are invoiced once a month instead of making payment to the clerk for service fees at the time of filing.  Being able to dictate special service needs, i.e.: specific place of service including place of employment, weekend service when needed or requested, etc., and Skip Tracing.  These are things you can’t request or expect from law enforcement agencies either because of their policy or their time restraints.

We will take the time and make a reasonable attempt to locate individuals who have moved when law enforcement will not and provide you with our findings.

We are normally willing to entertain any special request and often when within our ability consider traveling outside our listed areas of service.  We do maintain relationships with other professionals who we can contact for service on a National or International level.

Law firms or collection agencies that have defendants in the jurisdictions we service enjoy special rates when they provide us with the exclusivity of their process service needs.


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